Writing Consultant

Words rightly sequenced persuade

Robert wears many hats but, above all else, he is a storyteller. Rob is an accomplished author of more than a dozen screenplays, some of which have made it to film. Years of training and experience have given him the skills to communicate theme and content in a manner which creates maximum dramatic effect. Rob believes a compelling story will draw an audience, and the vision to find what’s compelling is his gift. As a teacher and consultant, his knowledge and instincts worked seamlessly within the confines of my inspiration. Rob excels at drilling the basics. Structure is the foundation of story. Tension and release creates emotion which imprints memory. He has reviewed my work with specific page by page advice, and the application of his techniques has transformed a roughly executed expositional narrative into an industry standard spec screenplay. It would have taken years to learn what Rob was able to teach me in six weeks. He has given me the tools to make my work marketable. The marriage of inspiration and technique has now created some thing I find beautiful.

Bruce Rose, MD Screenplay Author


“He’s a brilliant writer. I learned a lot seeing how he narrates history and battle… And it’s true.”
HBO Screenwriter, Novelist, Poet, & International Professor of Writing


“Robert is a unique, passionate character able to embrace and understand all subjects. His ability to quickly translate hard science into real emotion mystifies me.”
Microbiologist, R&D, Johnson & Johnson CPC


“Robert Orlando’s understanding of storytelling enable him to communicate complex subjects with grace and precision, providing his audience with a deep appreciation for his subjects.”
Editor, Princeton University Office of Communications.


“He has a unique ability to identify creative parallels and themes underlying real world events… in such a way as to create high entertainment value.”
Investment Banker, Global Sector Head, Bank of America


“Robert Orlando is that rare filmmaker who can portray difficult ideas in an clear and quickly understandable way.”
Professor of Religion and Jewish Studies, Barnard College, Columbia University