A Persistence of Vision

Silence Patton

Silence Patton asks the questions: Why was General Patton silenced during his service in World War II? Why was he fired as General of the Third Army and relegated to a governorship of post-war Bavaria? Was his freakish collision with an Army truck a real accident? Who were his enemies? Who wanted his personal silence? A documentary directed by Robert Orlando that digs into the pages of history, inside documents and archives, to have an answer. To find the truth.


A Polite Bribe

Thirty years after the death of Christ, the future of the Christian church teetered on faulty ground. Two factions, the Apostle Paul’s Gentile Churches and the Judean Church lead by Jesus’ own brother James, were headed toward a final showdown — A mutually destructive fracture that would have ended the Church in its infancy, if not for one man. Now for the first time, learn how one man, defied the very followers of Jesus himself… and in the end left his homeland to conquer an Empire. Learn the story the church would never tell. A Polite Bribe.